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avatar for Christopher Edwards

Christopher Edwards

SEDNA Systems
Senior Product Manager
20 years ago, in my high-school yearbook bio I wrote “it’s the people that mattered”. In a new context, I still believe it’s the people that matter for results. Getting results both for themselves and what we strive for together for the world is how I define success. Let’s create a workplace and world where people wake up inspired, feel safe at work, and go home fulfilled.

My goal, and what I love, is to help the entire software team reach their personal and delivery potential by creating environments that allow for high performance, learning, and fulfillment. Outcomes focus on understanding customer values/needs to implementing solutions that turn users into advocates, and a team that has a daily sense of pride in their accomplishments. In short, I strive to be an inspiring leader, caring coach, and savvy manager of individuals and teams to grow and deliver in ways nobody else does.

I enjoy learning about how to better deliver software from every angle — prominently Product Discovery and Building High Trust Teams. To that end, I've held a variety of positions: Agile, Product, Program, Project, and Development. I'm constantly looking for ways to better lead teams in delivering long-term value to customers.

I have deep curiosity for complex problems. I am a collaborator in delivering world-class solutions. I care about people, from customers to internal teams, it's always the people that matter.

I bring leadership, empathy, curiosity, problem solving, effective-execution, organization, passion, energy, and "strong opinions loosely held" to my teams.

I’ve excelled as a development manager, agile coach, program manager, project manager, and product manager on highly skilled software teams for 7 years. I’ve held management and leadership positions for over 15 years. I love people and learning about complex problems, then coordinating team-collaboration into great solutions. I’ve learned a lot so far and I look forward to learning much more.