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Tuesday, January 28


Debiasing AI In A Changing World: Ethics, Data & Technology in AI — Sponsored by Northeastern University Vancouver
Artificial Intelligence (AI) drives much of the digital world around us and data fuels this technology. However, as advancements in AI accelerate there is a profound impact on society (for example, self-driving cars) and conversations around data ethics need to keep pace. Join our panel where we will dive into how AI can amplify biases currently occurring in our societies and what researchers can do to debias their algorithms.

avatar for Steve Eccles

Steve Eccles

Regional CEO and Dean, Northeastern University

avatar for PIYALI DEY


Program Manager, Cloud Developer Relations, Microsoft
Piyali lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She is a computer scientist by training, and community activist by passion. Before starting at Microsoft as a regional program manager for the AI and Cloud Developer Relations team in Canada, she spent several years working in enterprise companies... Read More →
avatar for Srishti Yadav

Srishti Yadav

Graduate Researcher, SFU
Grad at SFU specializing in computer vision. Organizer: WiML'19 (co-hosted with NeuRIPS) and WiCV'20 (co-hosted with CVPR)
avatar for Krista Richmond

Krista Richmond

Director, Digital Innovation & Partnerships, Technical Safety BC
Results driven leader of technology driven transformation and implementation of corporate innovation programs.
avatar for Kiana Mohseni

Kiana Mohseni

Senior Director of Software Development, Hootsuite
Kiana Mohseni is a senior technologist with over 20 years of leadership in delivering large scale software products from satellite mission planning systems to video games. Kiana is currently Senior Director of Software Development at Hootsuite, leading 3 global engineering teams working... Read More →


Diversity by Design: Including Women of Color in Tech
Traditional organizational gender diversity efforts often ignore women of color. Through personal stories and data, our panel will illustrate what we're missing when existing conversations around diversity and inclusion in tech leave out women of color. We will propose ideas on how to best harness diversity and effectively include women of color in your organizations.

avatar for Khristine Carino

Khristine Carino

Career Advisor/Mentorship Specialist, YWCA Tech Connect
I am a champion and mentor for moms relaunching careers who have taken time off for childcare. Talk to me about career transitions, strategic volunteering and job leads in BC tech!

avatar for Cicely Blain

Cicely Blain

Instructor, Executive Leadership, Cicely Blain Consulting
Cicely Belle Blain is a diversity and inclusion consultant, activist and writer; they are one of Vancouver’s fifty most influential people of 2018, as awarded by Vancouver Magazine for their work as a co-founder of Black Lives Matter - Vancouver, Canada’s second Black Lives Matter... Read More →
avatar for Patrick MacKenzie

Patrick MacKenzie

CEO, Immigrant Employment Council of BC
avatar for Jill Binder

Jill Binder

Founder & CEO, diversein.tech
Jill Binder is the leader of the Diverse Speaker Training group in the WordPress.org Community Team (with a 50% sponsorship from Automattic). This group encourages folks from underrepresented groups to speak at WordPress events. She takes this impactful work to other tech conferences... Read More →
avatar for Sweta Rajan

Sweta Rajan

Founder, Inclusion Advantage | Next You
I am a founder, speaker, inclusion activist, career coach and a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion. I believe in a world where innovation and productivity are driven by equitable workplaces, where every voice is heard and celebrated. Inspired by personal experiences... Read More →


Jumping Ship: Nontraditional Career Paths To Software Development — Sponsored by Clio
Nontraditional career paths are common in the workplace and technical roles are no exception to that. Our panel from all ports of life will share their nontraditional career paths to becoming software developers, advise on tools to practice your skills and share frameworks for growth and development. Don’t worry though – our panel isn’t strictly for software developers – we encourage all technical career seekers to attend! 

avatar for Kyle Young

Kyle Young

Lead Developer, Unbounce
Kyle is a lead developer and the data engineering lead at Unbounce. He is an advocate for team growth and education, as well as dev and team driven culture and practices. Kyle is also an organizer for DevOpsDays Vancouver, and Polyglot Unconference, and runs a non-profit for tech... Read More →

avatar for Jade Tong

Jade Tong

Software Engineer, MotionHall
Jade graduated from UBC with a BSc in Cell Biology and Genetics in 2008 and a MSc in Neuroscience in 2010. Post-graduation, she worked in academic research at UBC, the University of Calgary, and the BC Cancer Agency, as well as a tutor for various agencies before she enrolled in a... Read More →
avatar for Nina Boosheri

Nina Boosheri

Junior Full Stack Developer, Fresh Prep
Frontend Web Developer with a demonstrated history of working in technology and the arts. Skilled in Full-Stack Development, Technical Support, and Theatre. Graduated from SFU and CodeCore Developer Bootcamp.
avatar for Aiste Ulozaite

Aiste Ulozaite

Software Developer / Team Lead, Jostle
As a software developer I work with Java language on daily basis and do not miss an opportunity to explore and play with other languages and frameworks - Ruby (Ruby on Rails), JavaScript (React), Swift and lately TypeScript.With an aim of pushing my leadership capabilities in the... Read More →
avatar for Paige Meekison

Paige Meekison

Through each position I’ve had, I’ve built a lifetime of leadership learning - from my early days as an officer in the Canadian Naval Reserve to more recent opportunities managing people towards growth and conquering their goals. I find it endlessly rewarding to help unlock potential... Read More →


True Allyship Starts With You — Sponsored by Hootsuite
Our all male panel will discuss how True Allyship is not defined by intent, but by impact. They will discuss this leading question as we dive into the concept of privilege, our unconscious biases, and why intent can only go so far. They will share the barriers they face, how they overcame them and provide advice on how you can act with impact as an ally every day, in the workplace and beyond.

avatar for Terri Griffith

Terri Griffith

Keith Beedie Chair in Innovation & Entrepreneurshi, SFU
I’m a newcomer to Vancouver having just joined SFU this Fall as the Keith Beedie Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I spent two decades in the Silicon Valley and was honored as a 2012 Woman of Influence by the Silicon Valley Business Journal. I serve on the advisory boards... Read More →

avatar for Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards

Senior Product Manager, SEDNA Systems
20 years ago, in my high-school yearbook bio I wrote “it’s the people that mattered”. In a new context, I still believe it’s the people that matter for results. Getting results both for themselves and what we strive for together for the world is how I define success. Let’s... Read More →
avatar for Chris Gordon

Chris Gordon

Account Manager, TEKsystems
avatar for Alex McRoberts

Alex McRoberts

Software Development Manager, Hootsuite
Alex McRoberts is a Software Development Manager at Hootsuite, managing teams in Vancouver and Rome in the Social Selling and Employee Advocacy space. Alex has previously worked in various roles across a range of hardware and software companies from smart homes, to smart glasses... Read More →



Becoming a Lifeguard in a Toxic Environment
The toxic workplace is now the 5th largest cause of death. From Brilliant Jerks to workplace bullies, it's becoming harder to manage our energy and emotions in a hazardous and stormy environment. In this interactive workshop, we'll discuss how to support others starting with ourselves including how to identify toxic behaviours, what to do to create a safer and healthy workplace, and practical strategies to build and strengthen personal and team resilience. Get ready to become a Lifeguard for you and your team members.

avatar for Lorie Corcuera

Lorie Corcuera

Co-Founder, SPARK Creations & Company Inc.
Lorie Corcuera is the Co-Founder and CEO at SPARK Creations & Company Inc., a training and development organization that inspires people and companies to create meaningful cultures and workplaces. Over the past 20 years, Lorie has cultivated her people and culture development, community... Read More →


Leadership Starts With You — Sponsored by Best Buy
Leadership styles differ based on your background, past experiences and future envisions. Learn from vastly difference leaders on how they've navigated rough waters, let out the sails to capture momentum and drop anchor when necessary. And learn how to channel the inner leader in you!

avatar for Tiffany Elsener

Tiffany Elsener

Transformative Learning Designer, NorthWild Leadership
Gleaning from education and learning through institutions including McGill University, Cornell University and Co-Active Training Institute, Tiffany has shared her approach of inspirational leadership over the last decade of working in operational management roles in events and luxury... Read More →

avatar for Elan Bailey

Elan Bailey

Thrive Learning and Development
Elan's passion is developing people, teams and organizations that thrive. She has 10 years experience facilitating and coaching people to unleash their greatness. And more than 20 years experience providing strategy, innovation, marketing communications and technology support to entrepreneurs... Read More →
avatar for Daleth Hildebrand

Daleth Hildebrand

Senior Program Manager, Hootsuite
Daleth is software leader who has tackled many different roles: software development manager, program manager, developer advocate, project manager, change agent. She is a fierce supporter of team building, diversity in technology, and dev culture. Daleth is currently a force-multiplier... Read More →


Swimming With Big Tech: Learn From Recruiters — Sponsored by Hootsuite
Enjoy a panel of professional recruiters from big technology companies. Listen to their insights and reflections from the recruiter's lens on: What makes a great candidate, whether application portals still work in 2020, things they wish candidates knew more often to do, ways we should be considering the impact of Applicant Tracking Systems on resumes, and a discussion of trends in recruiting at big tech companies. Invaluable breakout sessions included, each small group moderated by a professional who can add value to this important discussion.

avatar for Lisa Nguyen

Lisa Nguyen

Technical Recruiter, Hootsuite

avatar for Andrea Penney

Andrea Penney

Lead Technical Recruiter, SAP
Senior Technical Recruiter working a part of SAP North America's Talent Acquisition Team. Passionate about Recruitment & Marketing trends, E-commerce, Big Data / Analytics, and AR/VR/MR. Member of #techladies Vancouver, active networker, energized by conversations about Women In Tech... Read More →
avatar for Pasha Mykhaylov

Pasha Mykhaylov

Technical Sourcing Recruiter, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. Millions of customers currently leverage AWS cloud products and solutions to build sophisticated applications... Read More →
avatar for Supreet Hundal

Supreet Hundal

Technical Recruiter, Zapier
Supreet is a Technical Recruiter at Zapier. Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your favorite applications with one another and has a 100% remote team powering this behind the scenes. Supreet has been in the recruiting industry for over 5 years and previously working... Read More →
avatar for Melinda Garrett

Melinda Garrett

Manager, Talent Acquisition, Mastercard
Hi ✋


Balancing Data-Driven Design vs. Innovation
Design thinking and human-centered design is a proven problem-solving process that can be applied to products, services and processes. Companies are investing more time and resources to understand problems and provide users and customers with best-in-class experiences, thus strategy and innovation is critical to their success. As companies are leaning heavily on data when making decisions, including design and UX strategies, how do we balance the science with the uncertainties and unknowns that often come with innovation?

avatar for Bosky Mukherjee

Bosky Mukherjee

Founder & CEO, Spark To Substance
Bosky Mukherjee is an entrepreneur and product executive with over 18 years of experience spanning several startups and high growth companies in Vancouver and Bay Area. She is an executive level business and people coach who works with teams at startups and growth stage companies... Read More →
avatar for Priyanka Raha

Priyanka Raha

Founder, PopSmartkids
Priyanka is a technologist, entrepreneur and mom to 2 boys. After a successful fifteen year career in the tech industry and noticing the amount of exposure her two young boys were getting to their tech devices she took her passion for the human factor in technology to launch her startup... Read More →
avatar for Euphemia Wong

Euphemia Wong

UX Designer, Relic Entertainment
I'm a User Experience (UX) designer with a background in cognitive psychology, research and web development. I have always had an ever-growing passion for understanding human cognition and its interactions with technology. In my day-to-day work, I work with clients and producers to... Read More →


Charting a Course to the End of the World - Evolving & Strengthening Your Technical Knowledge — Sponsored by Clio
New programming languages, machine learning, AI, virtual reality, augmented reality, new stacks, new server and cloud technologies - What are these things going to do in the next few years. What type of skills and roles will be needed? Join our session to learn how to develop your skills to steer your career and company to take advantage of these new technologies.

avatar for Melissa Douglas

Melissa Douglas

Director of Feature Development, NuData, Mastercard
I love building inclusive dev teams and working with them to solve problems and ship great products we're all proud of. I geek out over evolving thinking on leadership, tech management, and communication.

avatar for Manil Chowdhury

Manil Chowdhury

Director of Information Systems & Business Intelligence, Modo Co-operative
Working and playing in JavaScript! Also:✈️ Enjoys traveling: Loves airports (but LAX is hopeless). Uncanny ability to find good places to sleep.⛰ Weekend hiker: Baden Powell halfsies anyone? If raining, let's go bouldering instead.📖 Reader: Of mostly fictional literature... Read More →
avatar for Dena Hashemi

Dena Hashemi

Founder and CTO - Senior Software Developer, Motbot
I am a Senior Software Developer and Team Lead with over 12 years of experience in Developing Web applications and SaaS solutions. I started a new career as Co-Founder and CTO of MotBot Innovative Software 7 years ago.


Embracing Your Inner Wonder Woman — Sponsored by Delta Hotels
A roundtable discussion about navigating through you careers, stepping up to new opportunities, and how to be a "Wonder Woman" who has it all. We'll hear authentic stories from some Wonder Women of Tech which will be sure to make you think twice about all your awesome strengths and how to use them going forward.

avatar for Danniele Livengood

Danniele Livengood

Program Manager, WWEST SFU

avatar for Elizabeth Sarobhasa

Elizabeth Sarobhasa

Database Analyst, Prospera Credit Union
CTO at Women Who Drone
avatar for Khristine Carino

Khristine Carino

Career Advisor/Mentorship Specialist, YWCA Tech Connect
I am a champion and mentor for moms relaunching careers who have taken time off for childcare. Talk to me about career transitions, strategic volunteering and job leads in BC tech!
avatar for Efe Fruci

Efe Fruci

Scientific Senior Analyst, Accenture
I motivate, inspire and empower people to be their best self, live purposefully and learn how to define their own success. I challenge them to dream bigger, work harder and become self-motivated.I am fortunate that I am able to bring about change in my world and to those around me... Read More →
avatar for Sara Lubik

Sara Lubik

Director of Entrepreneurship, Simon Fraser University
Sarah Lubik is a lecturer in Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Beedie, Co-Champion of the Technology Entrepreneurship@SFU Program and was appointed SFU's first Director of Entrepreneurship, aligning, supporting and accelerating entrepreneurship education and early stage incubati... Read More →


Self Coaching Your Way To The Winds — Workshop Sponsored by Clio
Join our workshop to learn the art of self-coaching! It’s hard to find the right balance in life. Leaving us with less access to a leader, coach, trusted colleague or friend who can help guide us. Effective self coaching can lead to more effective mindsets, healthier relationships and higher self-belief while increasing our willingness to have ambitions to follow through – amidst the highs and lows of life! In this session we will look at the concepts underpinning coaching and practice, the art of using them with each other and on ourselves. We’ll explore some of the universal challenges of being a professional and how to guide ourselves through ripping winds in a more powerful way!

avatar for Katie Wyka

Katie Wyka

Performance Coach, Clio
Katie Wyka, ACC, BA, MA, is Clio’s in house Performance Coach, helping Clions identify, plan and act on ways to improve and sustain performance, over time. After twenty years in industry, in a variety of HR and OD consulting roles, Katie jumped at the chance to work exclusively... Read More →


WIT Regatta x Clio Mixer
We’re very excited to be kicking off WIT Regatta with a mixer at Steamworks at the end of our first day together. You’re invited to come and share what you’ve been up to, mingle with other attendees, and enjoy some appetizers and drinks on Clio. Remember #RelationshipsAreTheTrueCurrency and so we encourage you to post a selfie with your new best friend using our #VANWIT20 hashtag. See you there!


Tuesday January 28, 2020 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Steamworks 375 Water St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5C6, Canada
Wednesday, January 29


Under Current of Ageism – Multi-Generational Teams are the Key to Smooth Sailing
This is the first time in history with up to five decades represented in the workplace and sadly we have all been victims of brainwashing in an ageist culture. “Too young to know better” vs. “Too old to understand”. It's no doubt these labels overflow into our decision making. Whether it’s around the water cooler or the boardroom table, it’s time to check outdated stereotypes at the door. Multi-generational teams are the key to smooth sailing in 2020 and beyond. Come to our panel where we will help flip the narrative to ensure we don’t go overboard when it comes to ageism innuendo.

avatar for Shirley Weir

Shirley Weir

Founder, MenopauseChicks.com
Shirley Weir is on a mission to empower women to navigate perimenopause-to-menopause (& beyond!) with confidence and ease. She is the founder of MenopauseChicks.com and its popular private online community, and her first book, MOKITA, reached #1 on Amazon in women’s health in 2018... Read More →

avatar for Barinder Rasode

Barinder Rasode

Co-Founder & CEO, Grow Tech Labs
Barinder Rasode is the co-Founder & CEO of Grow Tech Labs, Cannabis Wise, as well as SheTalks—an open platform created to give voice and inspiration to women’s stories. A strong believer in creating cohesion and synchronicity, Barinder leads by example to propel a team’s natural... Read More →
avatar for Jennifer Carriero

Jennifer Carriero

Integrated Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility, Labs Canada, SAP
Jennifer has worked in Integrated Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility at SAP for seven years. She likes asking big questions and moving ideas into actionable projects. She is particularly proud of her team’s work in the area of STEM and enhancing SAP’s reputation... Read More →
avatar for Natasha Jeshani

Natasha Jeshani

Co-Owner and VP, HR & Recruitment, Career Contacts
Natasha is the co-owner of Career Contacts – an HR and Recruitment Firm headquartered in Downtown, Vancouver. Natasha opened her own company more than 6 years ago and has since gone from being a solopreneur, to building a strong, successful team of onsite and remote Recruiters and... Read More →


The Rise of Women in Thought Leadership
Thought leaders are the opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise. They’re trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas; turn ideas into reality, and show how to replicate their success. Who are the women leaders hugely inspiring men and the world today, and how are they doing it? How can we raise up many more women as thought leaders? Join our panel to hear from influencers in the city to see how they achieve it all!

avatar for Pearly Tang

Pearly Tang

Founder | Principal, Excel Student Solutions

avatar for Miranda Lievers

Miranda Lievers

Co-Founder & COO, Thinkific
Miranda Lievers is a Vancouver-based entrepreneur devoted to the intersection of small business and technology. As co-founder & COO of Thinkific, she's helped over 40,000 business owners earn $150 Million+ with online courses this year alone while educating 12 million+ students around... Read More →
avatar for Naomi Liu

Naomi Liu

Director, Global Marketing Operations, EFI
A constant problem solver and life-long learner, two things you will always hear me say are: “How can I help you streamline that?” and “How can we do this faster/better?” I’m a fanatic about improving sales and marketing processes and removing roadblocks by using data to... Read More →
avatar for Elicia Maine

Elicia Maine

Professor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Academic Director, Invention to Innovation Program, SFU Beedie School of Business
Dr. Elicia Maine is a Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the founding Academic Director for “Invention to Innovation” (i2I) at the Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University. Her research focuses on the dynamics of innovation in the advanced materials, nanomaterials... Read More →


Don’t Freak Out, It’s Just Change: Navigating Uncertainty and Burnout — Workshop Sponsored by Clio
Change in the workplace is inevitable, so how do you manage it? Join our workshop, which will help you navigate uncertainty and avoid burnout as well as advise you on how to show up in an environment that is constantly changing. Our proud partner Clio will also share a fun acronym they use internally to make employees more agile to change on a daily basis. Now, who’s ready to sail into uncertainty 🙋🏻‍♀️

avatar for Jonathan Watson

Jonathan Watson

Vice President of Engineering, Clio
Jonathan is the Vice President of Engineering at Clio. Previously, Jonathan held senior engineering leadership roles at Shopify and Zynga. He brings to Clio over 15 years of experience in leadership and management, software architecture, design and implementation, and launching and... Read More →
avatar for Allison McGerrigle

Allison McGerrigle

Programs Manager, Talent Acceleration, Clio
Ally is the Program Manager of Talent Acceleration at Clio, where she has spent almost 4 years helping build and scale a Human and High Performing organization. Ally has worn many hats over the course of her time working in HR, but is particularly passionate about designing and facilitating... Read More →


It’s Not Them, It’s You: Why Your Team Members are Breaking up with You and What You Can Do about It
Studies tell us that about 50% of people leave their companies to get away from their manager. Clearly those people were in toxic relationships – but that’s them, not you... right? Actually these same statistics tell us there’s a 50% probability that someone who left your team did so because of you.

Employee engagement and loyalty can’t be bought with a great salary or benefits, but there is something that smart managers can do to make the relationship work.

This hands-on, interactive workshop takes a seriously FUN approach to developing leadership skills. During the two-hour session, participants will be invited to solve the puzzles of creating a positive environment where employees can feel supported and successful, and where you’ll learn to be the best boss you can be!

If you’re a leader, or aspire to be one someday, you need to be part of this workshop. Laura and Kirsten will show you what you can do to inspire loyalty and retain your staff.

avatar for Kirsten Anderson

Kirsten Anderson

Integrate Play Solutions, Integrate Play Solutions
My purpose, and life's work, is to help create places people love to show up. I am often referred to as The LEGO lady or The Play expert but it all comes down to Happiness at Work. I get asked a lot about how integrating play at work looks and how a playful mindset helps the bottom... Read More →
avatar for Laura Sukorokoff

Laura Sukorokoff

Founder and People Maximizer, C-Change Learning and Development
Laura Sukorokoff has always had a passion for the employee experience. She has built a career in learning and organizational development and seeks to make work a great place to be. Laura is a highly regarded speaker and a subject matter expert in the area of engagement and retention... Read More →


Deepdive: What’s Real Anyway? On Robots and Mixed Realities
Vancouver has established itself as a hub for virtual and augmented reality. In this talk we will discuss how these bleeding edge technologies are disrupting different industries. Learn how you can leverage them to drive transformation and ROI within your respective companies and industries.


Digital Transformation Cloudy with a Chance of DevOps — What’s Now, What’s Next — Sponsored by Clio
In recent years, cloud, data analytics, and other advanced technologies have allowed companies to fundamentally alter their means of doing business.  Product companies want to offer services, financial companies want to become software companies, and every company wants to use data to personalize products/services for their consumers.  The underpinnings for this transformation are the seamless release of multiple features into production on a daily basis.  Embedding an "app-store" mentality into organizations which typically take a long time to perfect production environments and applications.  In this session, the providers of cloud services (Microsoft and Amazon) offer insight into market strategy and economics.  Application run-time and frameworks will be covered from the perspective of Kubernetes and containers.  We will also review the program aspects of driving a successful transformation.  Learn how you, your company, and your customers can be better prepared to navigate the environment in which cloudy with a chance of devops is the new norm.

avatar for Luca Intini

Luca Intini

Manager Systems, Infrastructure & Security, Pagefreezer Software, Inc.

avatar for Y Nguyen

Y Nguyen

Software Developer, Segment
avatar for Michela Toscano

Michela Toscano

Principal, IONICA
Innovative, dedicated, and energetic technology leader with over 18 years experience.Specialties: Unix / Linux, performance tuning (systems, web sites, applications), high-availability, and security for mission-critical applications.Focus areas: Internet infrastructure, devops, system... Read More →
avatar for Alicja Raszkowska

Alicja Raszkowska

Production Engineer, Clio
Alicja is a Production Engineer at Clio who fairly recently transitioned from backend web development to DevOps. She has a background in quantitative economics, which comes in handy when monitoring infrastructure and making data-driven decisions. Alicja has also worked in national... Read More →


#WhatWouldChadDo? Negotiate, Navigate, & Neutralize Situations
Our collective female experience, backed by research, shows women and men behave differently in the workplace, at women’s expense. Studies show women tend to follow the rules more closely than men, do not push for salary increases at the same rate as men, and underestimate the value of networking to get ahead. During this session learn from experienced leaders on how to negotiate, navigate and neutralize these situations. Let’s take a page out of our male colleagues’ playbook and ask ourselves “#whatwouldchaddo?”

avatar for Alanna Kostiw

Alanna Kostiw

Product Manager, Guest Engagement, lululemon


Storytelling for Your Career: Take Your Personal Brand to the High Seas! — Sponsored by Best Buy
Storytelling is a powerful tool for professionals. If told strategically, a good story can advance your career, expand your leadership impact and help you build influence in your space. In this empowering workshop and panel, get inspired by storytellers and discover creative strategies to craft a powerful story that will activate your audience and haul your career in the desired direction.

avatar for Zeynep Tuck

Zeynep Tuck

Technical Editor/Producer, Microsoft News (through Aquent Studios)

avatar for Andrew Harries

Andrew Harries

Tom Foord Professor of Practice in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University
Andrew Harries is the Tom Foord Professor of Practice in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at SFU’s Beedie School of Business and is a business advisor and corporate director. He chairs the board of directors at Bsquare Corporation (NASDAQ: BSQR), which delivers enterprise Internet... Read More →
avatar for Jennifer Li Chiang

Jennifer Li Chiang

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, MuseFind
Jennifer is an experienced influencer marketing and technology leader. She has a proven track record in media and marketing in Vancouver and New York City.During her recent role as CEO, Co-Founder at MuseFind, she oversaw the creation of the #1 influencer marketing platform for small... Read More →
avatar for Amy Goodmurphy

Amy Goodmurphy

Amy Goodmurphy is the co-creator of the Canadian Comedy Award nominated sketch comedy duo The Ryan & Amy Show. She is the recipient of multiple JFL NorthWest Comedy awards and has been performing and creating comedy for over 10 years. Amy has made several television and film appearances... Read More →


Co-Storm Interactive: Seeing Your True Self
The concept behind CO-STORM is about how much more we’re able to see in each other, than we see for ourselves. There’s a creative back and forth energy in getting outside your own head. Fresh eyes see our blind spots and filters that mirrors back what’s really going on. A CO-STORMER’S insight can clarify what steps to take next, highlight your strengths, and make you see what should happen naturally. It can solve a problem in your field with an outsider’s perspective. During this session, each participant will have time for an introduction and a chance to discuss their most pressing pain point, project or idea in a safe and empowering environment. Your CO-STORM partners will brainstorm with you on solutions and positive changes.

This session includes an incredible group of mentors, ready to give back by sharing their experience and expertise.

Download the Co-Storm guide to get you started.

avatar for Lorie Corcuera

Lorie Corcuera

Co-Founder, SPARK Creations & Company Inc.
Lorie Corcuera is the Co-Founder and CEO at SPARK Creations & Company Inc., a training and development organization that inspires people and companies to create meaningful cultures and workplaces. Over the past 20 years, Lorie has cultivated her people and culture development, community... Read More →
avatar for Danniele Livengood

Danniele Livengood

Program Manager, WWEST SFU
avatar for Tiffany Elsener

Tiffany Elsener

Transformative Learning Designer, NorthWild Leadership
Gleaning from education and learning through institutions including McGill University, Cornell University and Co-Active Training Institute, Tiffany has shared her approach of inspirational leadership over the last decade of working in operational management roles in events and luxury... Read More →
avatar for Melody Biringer

Melody Biringer

founder, WiT Regatta
Melody is a connection engineer and she knows women. From strawberry shortcake to home furnishings to a fitness business, Melody has trotted down virtually every entrepreneurial trail in existence. With her 1:1 Work{STORM} she offers her breadth of experience and high level of expertise... Read More →