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Efe Fruci

The Coaching Element
Speaker | Confidence Coach | Author
Vancouver, Canada
I am a career and confidence coach with over 10 years of coaching and speaking experience and an advocate for mental health and self-love. I am an international speaker, author of "Faith Over Fear" and the founder of Odihi a Black-led non-profit dedicated to building confidence in Black girls, advancing the careers of Black women, and seeking to address the lack of color in high-level business positions.
My career has taken many twists and turns, a lot of leaps of faith, and most importantly action with purpose.

Quitting my job back in 2016 was a huge decision. I had a huge debt from a $30000 loan taken out to support my family, with rent to pay and bills waiting for me. Working in a toxic environment made me feel undervalued, unable to reach my career goals, and even pushed me to question my own worth, skills, and faith in my own abilities.

Fast forward four weeks later, I was in Belgium working for one of the biggest pharma companies in the world earning the best salary in my career and was able to pay off the loan within four months. It was a scary step but one I took because a) My mental health comes first and b) I was confident that no matter what, that I had the ability to find something....anything that will bring me joy whilst supporting my family.
My career is one of necessity. The necessity to grow as a person, experience different industries, understand what it takes to get to the top, learn from others and most importantly support myself and my family. Doing whatever it takes does not mean treading water or comprising who you are, it means thriving to see your dreams come true.

Five countries, six industries, and four different languages have taken me on an adventure, and without the confidence, faith, and knowing my own abilities I could have been left behind, and I was not and still not prepared to let that happen to me, or anyone who works with me.