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avatar for Erin Toth

Erin Toth

Finn AI
Conversational UX Developer
Vancouver, BC, Canada
I came to tech via a pretty varied path. My background is as a Sommelier and a Machinist, and I attended a Web Development bootcamp in January of 2019. I've been working at Finn AI since April of 2019 and enjoying learning new skills every moment of every day and navigating my first start-up experience. I'm not currently in a strictly development role at the moment; currently development is part of my role, but I am also learning and working in product design/development and work closely with our Machine Learning/NLP team on conversational design for our customers.
I'd love to talk to people about: non-traditional entries into tech; navigating role changes and opportunities; transitioning to non-developer/developer-adjacent roles; basically anything else!